The SparrowGreen Story

“Of Our Birth….”

SparrowGreen was born from a simple sketch whilst I was lazing in my living room contemplating life on the last day of the year-end holiday season in 2009. The brand’s icon and muse, the sparrow, which was conceived on the 31 December 2009, represents loyalty, freedom and love, to be real, to express oneself freely and to embrace purity of design without compromise.

“Of Our Style …”

Out of passion for traditional garment patterning and engineering that flatters both form and factor, and Inspired by urban living landscape in metropolitan Singapore and Hong Kong, our team created a collection mens’ apparel drawing on inspiration from my collection vintage clothing, by dissecting and reworking in our lab. Appreciative of vintage sartorial, we continually seek to re-engineer these classic designs that would transcend time and season, to re-model them to stay relevant today with a tweak and a nip-tuck. Fusing our knowledge in fabric characteristics and garment engineering, the garments are crafted with well thought-out styling, enhanced with details and unique accessories, along with suitable selected fabrics to match each curated style. Always creating the exact intended lines and look to adapt to the urban lifestyle of work and  play, and to make “looking relevant and good effortlessly” no longer an urban myth.

With our blend of originality and authenticity, we offer a collection for each season, infused with our brand’s DNA and philosophy.

“Of Our Creed…”

” Being Unique Is About Being Honest To Ourselves”.

Aaron L.

Head Curator, SparrowGreen

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