The WorkWear collection is essentially a collection of daily ware for different occupations. Different folks have different hopes, aspirations and perspective of their lives, we respect them and made a collection with our imagination of the images entrenched in our intuition of different jobs.

The collection consist of shirts with names of some occupations , e.g. Dexter banker shirt, Malcomn woodcutter shirt , Josh carpenter joggers, Slasher pants with four front pockets for carriage of different stuff, and a simple and commonly-sighted Ken crew neck for all activities with a little tweak in details to stand out.

In this collection, we added vibrant coloured overall prints to our Kaiser tees to live up the summer, with the use of the luxurious mercerised cotton yarn, these vivid colours on these tees won’t fade , are light, soft and silky on the hand-feel. Fabrics for the pants are also lifted with a range of curated fine cotton spandex with different textures to compliment our simple designs. Our shorter shorts also make a return in a stretch luxurious fabric (Oxbridge shorts) and a carpenter’s form (Rick shorts). Designs as usual not overly done, with simple details to enhance u can barely notice in a glance.

We continued with an array of colours and selection of fabrics for our signature regular and slim joggers , iterated in both the casual and dressier looks.

We hope you will like and enjoy the collection.


Featured 3 occupations here are banker, bummer and student Left : Dexter Banker Shirt , Red Sgd 49,90 Tennessee Cropped Pants, Navy Sgd 59.90 Centre : Marl 3/4 sleeve Tee Sgd 29.90 Oxbridge Stretch Tailored Shorts Sgd 39,.90 Right : Adam Tee Sgd 27.90