SparrowGreen S/S II/ Pre-Fall 2015 collection : Military Regiment LookBook Video

Click on the “Creed” image to watch .

This “Military Regiment” collection is a milestone for us. It is the first full collection for us having jackets, pullovers and denim jeans included , 3 firsts for us.m we are also more focused and streamlined, focusing on joggers and the mod vintage polos, which we have perfected our ideal fit and not evolving anymore. The collection is called ” military regiment ” , it is an extension of our motto to live life, to love it and to be hopeful, represented by the “fleu-de-lis” coats of arm logo embroidered on our polos and tees. The collection is accented with camouflage details, but not overly. The collection is also weaning off the slimmer silhouette for tops and embarking a more comfort tapered fit for bottoms as a prelude into the Fall, which we will showcase many new silhouettes to replace the lethargic skinny. We hope you will like it.


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