” construction time”
we have just finished updating and engineering this one from our signature joggers , this is the best we can offer for our signature joggers, with no further amendments, period. longer rise, comfort thighs and slim legs.

Our designer from #singapore and technician from #hongkong has been working on this for 2.5 years since our first #joggers .

it will be featured in our S/S 2015 collection II -military . In this new collection, we will also feature a new silhouette , beyond our name for joggers since 2.5 years back.

so , keep in touch.



Slim Silhouette Uma Jogger, Joggerpants . Long Rise , Comfort Thighs and Slim Thighs , the best silouette we can construct/ engineer





Best-fitted slim Joggers, jogger pants In Singapore and Hong Kong in an updated silhoette S/S2015